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How will China develop its Post-Covid economy?
The CEIBS Global EMBA hosted its second annual symposium, providing a very welcome return to live events after the years of pandemic-related disruption. This event gave everyone in attendance the chance to consider how China will adapt to the new economic realities of the post-covid world.

Prof. Frank Bournois: The entrepreneurial spirit at "Summer Davos" in Tianjin (Financial Times)
Prof. Sheng Songcheng: China can borrow more to revive economy (Bloomberg)
Prof. Howei Wu: R&D investment in Chinese companies (China.Table)
Profs. Tae-Yeol Kim & Emily David: "Is the boss one of us?" How important is it for followers to identify with their leaders?
Prof. Zhu Tian on resilience in his work and in the Chinese economy
CEIBS Faculty Summer Reads 2023
ESG Careers in Asia are a Growth Market – Interview with Jade Zhu, Pepsico
Prof. Frank Bournois: Preserving business ties between East and West in everyone's interest (Deutsche Welle)
Prof. Xu Bin: A lack of demand from abroad cannot be replaced by increasing domestic consumption (Handelsblatt)
Prof. Bai Guo: Central Bank Digital Currencies – The Next Generation of Money?
Prof. Zhao Hao: Will defiant Gen Zers disrupt the workplace?
CEIBS GEMBA 2020 Anita Jiang reveals the surprising benefits of conflict in the office (Poets & Quants)
The naked Group: A Purpose-Driven Organization
My MBA: Mentorship, Acceleration, and Beyond
The 4th CEIBS Marketing Symposium
August 14, 2023
  Transforming the Future: Strengthening Regional Economic Cooperation
August 18, 2023
  Decoupling or De-risking: Implication for Korean Companies
August 25, 2023
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